Jacob Policano

Jacob Policano joined Bolton-St. Johns as an associate in September 2018 after first serving as an intern in 2016. He has worked with a broad range of clients to provide legislative, procurement, and budgetary support. Jacob has represented these clients on issues concerning legal representation, technology, transportation, and waste management.  
Jacob earned his bachelor’s degree from the College of the Holy Cross in 2018. During his time at Holy Cross he was privileged to learn Chinese and live in Beijing, where he studied the major cultural and geopolitical issues facing U.S.-China relations. His studies in China culminated in an internship with the Committee of 100, a non-for-profit dedicated toward promoting peaceful relations between the United States and China. As an intern Jacob was responsible for internal communications and worked extensively on developing their bi-annual perception survey.

Jacob has lived throughout New York state and strives to apply his understanding of New York’s diverse geography and communities to provide useful insights for clients. Growing up in a bi-racial family deeply involved in New York’s labor movement, Jacob is passionate about issues pertaining to race and poverty and works diligently to engage himself in these areas.