Smart strategy begins with being well informed.

When it comes to lobbying, being informed means not just knowing your issue, but also knowing your audience. We understand how elected officials think and what moves them to action. Our team will prepare you and guide you through your lobbying efforts by managing the policy and the personalities involved.

Our lobbyists shape and create legislation by:

  • Developing strategic plans for the passage or defeat of legislation
  • Drafting and developing legislation that meets the needs of your organization
  • Tracking and monitoring legislation that involves your organization’s interests
  • Extensively researching the background and context of legislative issues and preparing briefings on them for you and elected officials
  • Advising on and providing key testimony for committee hearings
  • Providing access to key decision makers - both legislators and staff – and educating them on complex issues and unknown perspectives
  • Providing a complete understanding of the realities facing issues of concern to your organization - through political forecasting and assessment of the legislative atmosphere

We also offer Non-Legislative Lobbying Services:

  • Issue advocacy
  • Meeting appointments and lobby-day organizing
  • Crisis management
  • Advising on press conferences and public statements
  • Budgetary Issues
  • Discretionary funding for non-profits and cultural organizations