At Bolton-St. Johns we know that having an appreciation for the political process and understanding the players involved is crucial to achieving success.

Political Intelligence
Bolton-St. Johns benefits from a diverse group of partners and employees, tapped into all aspects of New York government. We work to provide clients with the following:

  • Assessment of political landscape
  • Background information and personality briefings of electeds and government officials
  • Advocates, opponents and the history of specific legislations
  • Information on the legislative and lobbying efforts of other entities
  • Current and future Legislative and Agency Priorities

Political Training
Most organizations do not have the political experience or staff to run an effective training program, but at Bolton-St. Johns, we have both.

Our political training and education program for individuals and organizations accurately reflects how the real political world operates. We deliver interesting and insightful programs that motivate people while instructing them. When you’ve finished your training, you’ll fully understand how to effect change in the political and legislative atmosphere.

Our political education and training programs are highly successful because we:

  • Develop tailored training programs and materials for your needs — whether you're running for office or orchestrating a grassroots campaign
  • Plan, organize, coordinate and conduct workshops, seminars, conferences and special events
  • Review all aspects of a campaign effort, including: how to draft and implement a platform; how to organize and manage effective volunteer, field, media and financial operations; which tools and techniques help to motivate staff, voters and the public to action
  • Provide insider training in areas often overlooked, like coordinating a “Legislative Day” and running a PAC
  • Provide Train-the-Trainer programs which train people at the top so they can train others