At Bolton-St. Johns we facilitate a positive and active presence for your interests and work to make the government your ally in the regulatory process.

Bolton-St. Johns is well known and well regarded for our consistent and committed presence before local governments and quasi-governmental agencies on issues that matter most to our clients. Our position allows us to provide you with the competitive advantage you need in today's fast-paced and complex marketplace and work in tandem with agencies to create favorable outcomes.

Bolton-St. Johns will help you demystify the regulatory process by:

  • Offering strategic counsel and advice to help meet your regulatory objectives
  • Dealing with state agencies on the development and amendment of regulations that impact your interests
  • Providing representation during administrative and rate-setting hearings as well as regulatory review and testimony
  • Helping you prepare Request For Proposals (RFP) applications for state contracts and securing government procurement and grants
  • Acting as a liaison between your organization and state agencies on any regulatory disputes
  • Monitoring any critical statutory, regulatory and policy changes that affect your interests