Jason Barefoot

Jason Barefoot joined Bolton-St. Johns in January 2022 and has since helped clients on a variety of legislative, policymaking, communications, and budgetary matters across the firm. Jason works in the firm’s federal practice and his primary issue areas are immigration, civil and human rights, national security, housing and urban development, and economic development. Jason has helped guide lobbying campaigns which have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in federal programs for under-served communities, defended against the removal of a cabinet secretary, and called for a dramatic overhaul of hiring and personnel management at one of the largest federal agencies.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Jason earned his bachelor’s degree in Strategic Management from Emory University in 2016. After developing a passion for public interest work serving city and state governments, the UN, the World Economic Forum, and local campaigns for public office, Jason acquired his Masters in Public Policy from the Wagner School for Public Service at NYU.

A steadfast advocate of volunteering and community service, he enjoys working with mutual aid groups in his neighborhood, participating in professional workshops for people who have experienced homelessness, and exercising with members of the community who are visually impaired. He is also responsible for the trash basket on his block in Brooklyn through the 'Adopt-a-Basket' program with the NYC Department of Sanitation.